Who Do You Want Your Physician To Work For?

  • A large profit center?
  • An insurance company?
  • A hospital system employing its own panel of providers?
  • A hospital system that also owns your insurance plan?
  • A giant multi specialty, internally referring corporation?


An Independent Provider That Works For You?

  • An independent provider employed by no other entity?
  • An independent provider free to treat and provide care based only on your individual and unique needs?
  • An independent provider that is free to refer you to another provider or hospital that she/he determines is the best for you as an individual?
  • An independent provider that is not financially motivated to refer or order test that may not be needed?
  • An independent provider that chose to forego a higher income to be able to provide care without compromise?
  • An independent provider that is free to spend as much time as needed to address all your concerns?
  • If this is the provider you want, see our Directory Of Independent Physicians
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