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MAP, Meridian Association Of Physician, was founded during the HMO era when Corporate Medicine sought to eliminate independent physicians. MAP’s sole mission is to protect, sustain and advocate for the independence our physician members. MAP is not financed in any way by insurance plans, Hospital systems, corporate systems or governmental entities.

Mission Statement

To provide member physicians with an organization through which they can negotiate with entrepreneurs, hospitals, insurance companies, and other managed health care plans for the utilization of member services.

To keep control of medical care in the hands of physicians as much as possible and enable physicians to remain as autonomous as possible in the rapidly changing marketplace.

To set standards for the quality and utilization review.

To organize and educate interested member physicians in their relationship with managed health care systems and provide groups services for a lower cost than could be obtained individually.

Contact Us

If you are a physician or a clinic with Physicians,Nurse Practitioners and/or Physicians Assistants and are interested in becoming a member contact Angie at (503) 691-1062 or email [email protected]

Meridian Association Of Physicians
P.O. Box 953
Tualatin, OR 97062

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